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Every book sale provides the money we need,
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Our messages teach acceptance, and the stories bring joy;
Changing the world starts with each little girl and boy.

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and helps us spread peace across our great nation. 
Book Three

Tails of Fluffy McDuffy Lessons of Family

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Book One

Fluffy McDuffy Book Cover

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Book Two

Tails of Fluffy McDuffy - Lessons of Friendship

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The Fluffy McDuffy Series

For Children and Pet Lovers of All Ages!
Designed to inspire love, friendship and peaceful actions, this series of books features a whimsical and entertaining Cockapoo named Fluffy McDuffy, whose life experiences reveal lessons everyone can benefit from learning.

Tails of Fluffy McDuffy: Lessons of Love
This first book is based on the actual story of this real life dog’s experience of getting adopted and learning the values of love and family.

Tails of Fluffy McDuffy: Lessons of Friendship
From beginning to end, this book is about friends…those that you make and those that are pretend.

Tails of Fluffy McDuffy: Lessons of Family
The third book in the series focuses on Fluffy McDuffy learning to accept new members of his family, no matter where they visited from.

All three books are written by global author, speaker and executive coach Nancy Mercurio, founder of Leadership Training Systems Inc. Her expertise in empowering people for success led to her desire to become an ordained Interfaith Minister to further the spiritual enlightenment of humanity. As Co-Founder of Together in Peace Inc., she partnered with Leah to create this book series to promote peace, tolerance and acceptance in the world.

All three books are illustrated by Leah Lopez, an award-winning artist and cartoonist. Leah began drawing at the age of 2 and by age 16 had founded Leah’s Cartooning Parties Inc. For over a decade, she taught thousands of art enthusiasts how to create cartoon characters. Leah’s current passions lie in designing creative characters and bringing stories to life through illustration.

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